Juliana Rupchan

glass mountains

re/develop re-devise revise revisit a / city in love w the idea / of a city idea of nature idea / of water / the real ocean / unknowable / subdivide / ur thoughts / submerge & subtract the unsubstantial reality mountains on the horizon islands a concept a concept the views archetypal and subject 2 / change / condos on their surfaces growing glass / looking glass glimmer glass mountains / if ocean = glass the submerged is no longer / subliminal we / know it we can / keep it 2 r-selves revise / the unknowns / unknowable / if mountains / were glass / and un / shakeable —

snow day

fifteen minutes into snow day and chill and she looks at you like how can I be yard dad with no yard? zoom in on the details. a spider draws a web from the crystal glass bowl to the windowsill. the paint is too thick and it chips off the baseboards. this morning she measured the snow with a superflex ruler this goes way back. a black cat in a white field. the crows are the only birds that she sees / 9 crows at the end of the beach / on the rail and the logs and the tree / 9 crows silver, 9 crows love. snow day in full swing but the radio’s still going and the bus buzzes by the world’s still turning. everything bright white and she reads about punk rock east germany call it history but it was only the 80s. walking home last night dipping on and off the sidewalk she says I ought to fuck around while I can. told love one more year tops. was that wrong? just when you think the snow’s stopped it picks up again. just when you thought you knew the routine. how bad could it be?

love in the age of the internet

the copywriters were abducted now electric billboards glow blue
news headlines flash [TITLE HERE] all placeholder text

sent u an emoji poem but it looks different on ur android
a metaphor 4 misunderstanding, mismatching & literary context

in the deep space of the future aliens archaeologize earth with a super
telescope & r rubble inspires space westerns with sociocritical subtext

bright lights / blue screens / dark rooms / phone buzz / social media
notifs but ur waiting for hey u said if i was in town 2 shoot u a text?

the road narrows, driving north, tall iron-straight spruce stretch up
to block the sun, cell signal goes out, no distractions & no pretext

on the screen a times square of sensory overload, pop-up ads
and tumbling kitten gifs [CLICK NOW!!] in glittery hypertext

you say jeanne i don’t want it to be like this but in the basement suite
phone calls crackle and warp, before i hang up i tell u send me a text

#7cfc00 / lawn green

hi just calling to tell you that your lawn / glows in the dark hi / just calling to say I think ? / you’re ruining the sanctity of the darksky the / aliens could see you from way up on / mars / not to say there are aliens / what I mean is / spray paint maybe ? how did your lawn get so / uranium ? I mean / if you were growing a garden of / plutonium if in / the fertilizer / radium / I mean / I’m calling to say your vegetables growing / in your front yard they / split all into sevens / they fill my dreams with vitamins / they glow in the dark

Juliana Rupchan studied poetry and fiction at the University of Victoria. Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, she now lives in Victoria, BC. Her poetry has been published by post ghost press, Island Writer, This Side of West and The Claremont Review, and is forthcoming in EVENT magazine.