Razielle Aigen


I’m thinking of you (again) in deep

retracing the newfound cloud particles &

echoes through our many

while the shore passively takes the crashing waves, endlessly

not to notice the flirt pile of driftwood
all hey…

and, like, what are you up to

where are you now (anyway?) nailing
the sun

to the sky? is that even
a thing?

we will meet up (again) at some point in
a poem

or a star, readjusting
our eyes

to see the beauty in lava rock

in ekphrasis, canvasing our inner

to love within us even that which is


dear far away one, where you are
is like a seafaring revelation

where I cast away self-loathing, the always
of not enough and too muchness

returned in dividends of an eternal
return of the boring same old solipsisms

colliding with our dreams in which
we are dreaming of the other’s

arrival home, where
the misted marbled timothy

perennially glistens
with morning dew

and the breeze stops the forrest
toads mid-sentence

where we hold one another’s
vulnerabilities and nightmares

engraved in the air
between our bodies gently,

where we find each other,
where we stop

to listen

counter narrative

I’m sending you this as a counter

or as another way
of asking what is important to us

can we apply our knowledge
to a river

can we devise an alternative
blockchain brain

to help us understand the logo-
rhythms of what is

inherently ours
letting crisis gently access, kiss & saturate

our thoughts of the future & the past
filtering future memories through

the wear and tear of language —
natural, spiritual, mystical & scientific

to form meteor showers & aurora borealis
that remind us to turn out the lights

that remind us that the the night sky
inherently is ours

can you please remember to leave the lights on
in case I decide to come home early?

Razielle is a Montreal-born writer and artist. She is author of the forthcoming chapbook, Light Waves The Leaves (above/ground press 2020). Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Entropy, Deluge, Contemporary Verse 2, Bad Dog Review, The Anti-Languorous Project, Dovecote Magazine, Half a Grapefruit, Moonchild Magazine, Sewer Lid, Fresh Voices, Five:2:One, California Quarterly, and elsewhere. Razielle holds a B.A. in History and Contemporary Studies from Dalhousie/King’s University, and is an alumna of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University. More of Razielle’s work can be found at razielleaigen.com and through Twitter @ohthepoetry .