Edward Smallfield


night void message #3


the velocity of the road                          among the granite

& the more old-fashioned                           in the backseat

because someone else is       driving                              a light

from another coast                                        someone left                            

the potatoes        boiling                             during vacation

a few spots     on the stove                                            someone

else’s son                                       & his right wing opinions

you don’t know                                     his mother

with her 50’s glasses                                                           while

she tries to reason with                                              him

the older           villages                                              seen

from the windows                                            passing        




night void message #5


after the party          you were wearing

someone else’s coat          you put

your hands in the pockets         & you said

I hate it when people keep their dust in coat pockets




night void message #7


       wandering       in the country of my youth       a kind of wilderness       undramatic       without signposts       here & there an encampment       a lantern hanging from                   

        a sleeping bag on the fallen       wandering       together       & then separately       so that I was looking for you       without knowing how       everything is a long way off when

        you don’t know where you’re going       qué camino tan largo       encountering my father       oddly, without any particular hostility       or affection either       looking for you       finding    

        my daughter       as always, very much herself       full of energy       a sudden surge of love &                          without signposts                           looking                           for you   




night void message #19


in a foreign          country          unnamed

in an underground          restaurant

the light a glow          ascending the walls

I am eating spinach pie

& you are also eating

something green          two small

loaves of          bread          dark &

mummy shaped          like the statues

along the walls          the same rough

texture          & color          I break

open the loaf          inside a small

potato          & inside the potato

grapes          now we are traveling

by balloon      over the night

city          when we land          you say

thank you for waiting for me





night void message #51


looking down into the dark staircase & reaching for the light switch

a woman’s voice from below

                                         why do you want to do that?




night void message #59


the waterfall in the lobby       some kind of business       meetings &       

      & more            a thriller            a subtext            no one

understands       seeing into the closed       room        the man       puts the cat

      on the woman’s       naked       back      & she replies       ‘I am a human’





Edward Smallfield is the author of The Pleasures of C, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (a book-length collaboration with Doug MacPherson), equinox, americana, and, most recently, to whom it may concern. He is also the author of several collaborative chapbooks, locate (with Miriam Pirone) and lirio and anonymous (both with Valerie Coulton). His poems have appeared in Barcelona INK, bird dog, Denver Quarterly, e-poema.eu, Five Fingers Review, New American Writing, Páginas Rojas, Parthenon West Review, 26, Wicked Alice, and many other magazines and websites. He has participated in poetry conferences in Delphi, Paou, Paros, and Sofia, and lives in Barcelona with his wife, the poet Valerie Coulton.